What Is Technology?


Technology is a broad term that can mean both the artifacts created by humans, like machines, and also the methods used to create those artifacts. The word comes from the Greek technologia, which means “the articulation of craft.” It is sometimes applied to systems of organization as well as to tools and machines.

Historically, technologies are developed by human ingenuity, curiosity, and foresight. This is reflected in the fact that many technologies persist for long periods of time.

A good example is the wheel, which is now found in vehicles of all kinds, and whose origin dates back at least a million years. Other examples include the controlled use of fire by our hominid ancestors and the tool-making techniques they used to create stone implements. Similarly, the earliest forms of electricity and electronics date back tens of thousands of years.

Today, we’re seeing a new wave of technological change. This change is largely due to the development of the internet, which has transformed our lives as never before.

The internet makes it possible to connect with people from around the world, as if they were right next door. It has also made it possible to have a huge variety of learning resources at our fingertips. This allows students to be more independent learners, as they can find what they need without having to rely on a teacher or textbook. For example, students can access information through websites, educational videos, tutorials/guidebooks, and online databases.

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