What is Fashion?


Fashion is the prevailing style in dress, hairstyles, or behaviour. It is often seen as a way of expressing individuality, solidarity with others, or staying current with the latest trends. Fashion is also ephemeral, with many styles quickly becoming outdated. Even if you threw out that old pair of low-rise jeans, they will probably be back in style again before you know it.

Whether an understated whisper or a high-energy scream, fashion communicates an all knowing wink and a smile. It can inspire confidence and boldness in the people that embrace it, or it can cause frustration and degradation of self-esteem in those who fail to keep up with the latest trends.

Aesthetics and social status also influence fashion. In some societies, certain clothing is used to signal rank — senators may wear garments dyed Tyrian purple, for example, and Hawaiian chiefs wear palaoa, or carved whale teeth. In addition, the trickle-down theory suggests that those of higher socioeconomic status set the trends that lower classes then follow.

The ubiquity of television, magazines and the Internet has helped fashion become global. Western clothing styles have been adopted by the rest of the world, and a new generation of consumers are exposed to the world of high fashion through these channels. As a result, there are now fashion designers in every country, and their work is shown on runways around the world. However, some argue that the industry should focus more on a sustainable future.

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