What Is News?


News is any item of information which entertains or interests readers. It may be a report on an accident or disaster, a crime or some other event. News is usually written in a short and simple way, using words that are easy to understand. It is also unbiased and contains enough facts so that the readers can form their own opinions.

The nature of news varies from society to society. Some events which are newsworthy in one society will not be of interest in another, because they do not meet a social standard. For example, a car crash, which is a common occurrence in most societies, does not normally make the news. However, a crash that involves a celebrity or is politically related might be reported.

In addition to entertainment and information, News also serves as a watchdog, investigating wrongdoings and exposing corruption. It can also serve a more utilitarian purpose, giving information about weather forecasts or train timings, for example.

News stories are mostly about people because they are the ones who change the world. However, events that happen to non-humans can also be newsworthy, such as cyclones, floods or bush fires.

The most important aspect of a good news article is its credibility. This means that it must be brief so that the readers will read it, clear so that they can understand it, picturesquely so that they will appreciate it and above all, accurate so that they will be guided by it.

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