How to Write a News Article


News is a form of communication about events that have occurred or may be happening in the future. This can include things like war, politics, economics, crime, education and the environment. Usually, these are reported by newspapers and radio but can also be broadcast on TV or online. News articles should be factually correct but should also be interesting to read.

When writing a news article, the first thing that needs to be done is research the topic and identify the audience. Then, an outline should be created that will help organize the information and structure the article. Once the outline is complete, a draft of the article can be written. This should be sent to editors and proofreaders for review before being published. Finally, the byline is added at the end to let readers know who wrote the article.

A good headline should be catchy and to the point. It should use Associated Press style guidelines unless the publication specifies something different. The lead, or first paragraph, is also important. This should summarize the story and give readers a preview so that they know what to expect from the rest of the article.

There is no such thing as a completely unbiased news source, but there are some that are more neutral than others. For example, the BBC is funded by the British government, so it is not influenced by corporate interests. Additionally, the organization has a long history of accurate and objective reporting. Its reputation for unbiased news makes it a popular choice for international news. Other unbiased sources include the Associated Press, PBS News and the Christian Science Monitor. Using a news aggregator website can also be helpful, as it will allow you to sample a variety of different perspectives on a subject rather than only hearing one slant.

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