Automobiles – The Automobile Age Is Coming To An End


Having your own automobile is not only great for your privacy and freedom, it also saves you time that would be wasted if you had to take the bus or taxi from place to another. This time can be used on more valuable things such as working, visiting friends and family or spending quality time with the kids.

Who invented the first automobile? While there have been many different steam and electrical powered vehicles since the late 1700s and 1800s, historians usually give credit to Karl Benz for inventing the first true gas powered automobile around 1885. But it was Henry Ford that revolutionized car production and brought the automobile within reach of many more Americans. Ford realized that if he could use the assembly line to make one model of automobile with several basic features, he could make it more affordable and get the car into production quickly.

There are many different types of automobiles, each designed to suit the needs of the individual buyer. Automobiles can be powered by gasoline, diesel fuel or electricity and can vary in style from the sporty convertible to the work truck for hauling equipment. There are even special cars for use on construction sites and port facilities, like crane vehicles, road rollers and fork-lifts.

The automobile has been a major force for change in twentieth century America, creating new industries, jobs and services. But now, as the Automobile Age reaches its end, it is being replaced by new forces.

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