What Is Technology?

Technology is the use of tools or devices to solve problems. It improves the human environment and helps people achieve goals. Technology also includes the knowledge that makes such use possible. Often, technology is associated with gadgets like mobile phones, computers, hi-fi’s, cars or drones. But a more accurate definition is one that also encompasses the processes, systems and methods of those technologies, as well as how they are used.

Breaks distance barriers in communication: Services such as instant messaging and video conferencing help individuals and businesses communicate instantly, regardless of location.

Increases productivity in the workplace: From streamlining project management to automating tasks, technology enables businesses to do more in less time. This increases efficiency and allows them to offer better products and services to customers.

Improves education: Generative AI software such as ChatGPT and Google Bard can answer questions in a natural language, helping students learn more efficiently. This is forcing educators to rethink their course work, exam questions and learning materials.

Technology can be a career choice: It’s becoming more common for schools to offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science, IT or cybersecurity. This gives students the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the technology, build a portfolio and become professionally certified. Some even have specializations in areas such as entrepreneurship or data analytics. This is making it easier for graduates to find jobs in the tech sector.

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