What is Law?


Law (pronounced LAH-mah) is a system of rules that governs how people interact with each other in politics, economics, history and society. This includes the rights people have to live their lives in accordance with these rules and the systems of courts in which these rules are applied.

The word “law” comes from the Latin, lege, meaning a rule, a legal obligation to obey. It also means a principle or set of principles that governs behavior and is imposed by a sovereign authority.

Civil law, which dominates the western world, is based on concepts and rules derived from Roman law with some influence from canon law. These rules are usually codified in written law and interpreted by court decisions.

The study of law involves many different professions and has grown significantly in popularity over the years. Lawyers, judges and others provide advice and represent people in courts. They may work in a range of areas, including civil procedure, criminal procedure and evidence law. Other areas of law include property, labour and immigration.

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