The Benefits of a Team Sport for Kids

Team sport

Whether they are football, baseball or basketball, team sports require players to work together in order to achieve the game goal. These activities help kids develop social skills and learn how to work with others to accomplish goals that are too big for any one individual to do alone. These lessons carry over to other aspects of life and can have lasting benefits for young people as they grow into adults.

Athletes also learn to appreciate the efforts of their teammates and put their own performance in perspective. Despite the emphasis on working as a team, a sport can often be very competitive. It is essential for athletes to understand that winning can be a very personal experience and that they can still be a good sport even when the team loses.

In addition, team athletes learn to value time, especially when on the road for competition. Athletes practice and train diligently, and they know that every minute counts. They keep a schedule of every step of the game plan, which helps them to stay on track and reach their goals. As a result, they are able to make better use of their time in everyday life.

Finally, sport teams are characterized by group norms, which dictate the expected behaviors of members of the team. Individuals who behave appropriately may be rewarded through verbal appreciation and increased prestige in the group, while those who fail to follow group norms may be punished with verbal criticism, derogation or ostracism from the group.

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