Technology and Its Impact on Our Lives


Technology is the systematic application of knowledge to achieve a practical goal. Its application spans a wide range of fields. The term “technology” is often used to refer to a process used to produce artifacts. A variety of technologies are used in the modern world. Some examples include the internet, video games, and even computers.

The technology industry is constantly evolving and has evolved over the last century. In the mid-20th century, Harvard Business Review coined the term “information technology,” which differentiated between general-purpose computing machines and purpose-built machines. As the IT industry developed, device costs and energy consumption decreased, and computing capability increased. Today, businesses use this information technology to serve customers and promote new products.

Technological advances have not come without controversy. Some argue that technology has led to an increased number of unemployed people and a corresponding decline in productivity. Others argue that it has lowered the quality of life. The Unabomber Manifesto is an example of technology’s negative impacts. This book was based on the ideas of French philosopher Jacques Ellul’s The Technological Society. The Unabomber Manifesto was an example of an extreme example of technology’s impact on our lives.

Technology has made human life easier but it has also caused a major increase in pollution, which is a cause of many health problems. It has also eliminated a large number of jobs in the working class.

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