How to Write Good News


News is any item of interest to the general public that makes them say “Gee Whiz!” News is information that is short so that people will read it, clear so they can understand it, picturesque so they will appreciate it and above all, accurate.

To write good News, the writer must use compelling words in the headline and lead to catch the reader’s attention. A well written lede should include as much of the five Ws and H (who, what, where, when, why) as possible. After the leading sentence, the rest of the story should tell about the event and why it is important to the readers.

In modern times, news can be delivered by many different communication media. It can be printed in newspapers or magazines, broadcast on radio or television and on the internet. It can also be sent to consumers via cable and satellite technologies so that they receive current events as soon as they happen.

News should be reported accurately and quickly. It does no good to report something that happened a week ago because by the time it is printed, the community will have forgotten about it. It is also important for journalists to be fair and impartial when reporting News. This can be difficult because emotions often get involved in a news event. To remain objective, it is sometimes helpful to step away from the story and look at it from a distance. It is also helpful to have another pair of eyes read the news article before it is published. This can help catch spelling and grammatical errors that the author may not notice.

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