Home Improvement Ideas You Can Do Yourself

Home improvement

Home improvement may sound daunting, but there are plenty of projects to help you refresh a room, add a touch of whimsy or improve your home’s energy efficiency. And although it’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen during a renovation, a little planning can make the process smoother and less stressful.

It’s important to weigh the value of a project against how much it will increase your home’s resale potential before getting started. This is why it’s important to talk to a real estate agent in your area about what types of improvements are most desirable in the local market.

Updated kitchens and bathrooms are usually safe bets, as well as any projects that will add more living space such as a finished basement or deck. Adding an additional bathroom or bedroom is another way to improve your home’s functionality and will also likely add value.

When choosing a contractor, ask for a list of references. Then, call them to inquire about the quality of work and any other details you might want to know. Lastly, get everything in writing, including a schedule of payments, a start and end date, and any warranty information.

A new deck, fence or pool can boost your outdoor entertaining and leisure space. However, these larger projects come with a higher price tag and can take months to complete, so be sure you’re prepared to spend the money before starting. You can also save by taking advantage of rebates offered by certain contractors and home product brands.

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