5 Things You Should Know About Sports Betting

sports betting

Sports betting is a fun and lucrative way to place wagers on different sporting events. However, there are several things you should know before putting your money on the line.


There are currently 23 states in the US that allow sports betting, and more are on the way. You don’t need to live in a state with sports betting to bet on the games, but you do need to be physically present in that state to place your bets.

New Jersey – the first state to act after the Supreme Court’s ruling — went live with retail sports betting in June 2018. Online options from DraftKings, BetRivers and FanDuel have also launched since then.

California – which had two separate ballot measures in November 2022 that failed to pass – has yet to launch online sports betting but could do so in March 2023. Massachusetts and North Carolina are other states whose legislatures will be considering sports betting legislation in the coming years, with North Carolina having the advantage of its proximity to the East Coast.

Props and Arbitrage

In sports betting, there are hundreds of props that bettors can place their money on. Understanding which props are more valuable can help you make the most of your bets and maximize your profits.

Line moves

The odds for a sport are constantly changing based on the actions of players and other factors like injuries or weather. The best way to take advantage of this is by predicting the lines and placing your bets before or after the changes occur.

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