What is Fashion?


Fashion is a general term for a prevailing custom or style in dress, etiquette, and socializing. It is a kind of cultural expression, with its own vocabulary and symbolism. It can also refer to a particular style or mode of clothing that becomes popular with the younger generation.

In the past, people had to make their own clothes, or get them made by local tailors and dressmakers. But when mass production of textiles and sewing machines became possible, fashions could spread much more rapidly. The beginnings of constant and accelerating change in Western dress styles are generally dated to the end of the medieval period, though some historians such as James Laver and Fernand Braudel argue that changes in clothing began earlier, perhaps in late medieval Europe.

The fashion industry is a global business that employs millions of workers around the world. It is a highly competitive field that sets trends and reacts to changes in consumer tastes, often with the help of a large media presence, such as magazines, TV shows, and movies. The design and marketing of fashion clothing has a strong impact on the economy, particularly in developed countries.

Trends in the way that people dress are often determined by the culture of a place, and can vary greatly between cultures and regions within a country. In other cases, it is largely determined by the tastes of a particular group, for example, teenagers, and can result in fads such as baggy jeans or the thong swimsuit. Other influences on clothing include music, books, and art.

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